A beach resort for the family to enjoy

Thursday, September 24, 2009
Posted by Pearl

My family loves going to beach resorts. We have spent so many summer in various beaches ever since the kids were small. There was even a time when my son was just contented playing on the sand, but he didn't want to remove his slippers because he said the sand feels yucky on his toes, and he didn't want to go swimming either because he imagined sharks swimming toward him. It was good memories, and we share a lot of those.

That's why when I saw one resort in Myrtle Beach, we really got excited because it really looks great for the whole family to enjoy. I'm sure my kids would love the Myrtle Beach Resort because they would have lots of activities to enjoy, and for me and my husband, we would love an oceanfront hotel Myrtle Beach because it looks so serene and relaxing.

We will surely add this to our list of favorite places to visit in the future, and I think we really have to start saving for it so that we can enjoy the place sooner.