Protect your computer from virus attack

Thursday, September 24, 2009
Posted by Pearl

We only have one computer at home and there are five members in my family, so, you can just imagine how difficult it is to schedule its usage. And with it comes the difficulty in monitoring the files being used by my kids, especially. Although I've found a way of somehow getting around it by assigning each one of us a password with only myself as the administrator, there still comes a time when our computer gets infected with virus. It's really frustrating whenever I have lots of things to do online and then I notice that it's very slow because of trojan virus infection.

Virus protection is really a must in every household, and we really have to make sure that we have updated software for this. Aside from this, I constantly remind my kids that they have to be careful in visiting various websites.


online pc repair said...

Well, the best thing you can do to your PC to prevent virus attacks is to secure your perimeter. Make sure your anti-virus protection settings are turned on by default to scan files incoming over email and downloaded off the Internet.