A Specialty Store for the Whole Family

Monday, October 19, 2009
Posted by Pearl

As I was searching for ideas for gifts this coming Christmas season, I came across a website which offers lots of gift ideas for the whole family. Since I have plenty of nieces and nephews to give gifts to, I know the items found in this online store will come in handy. I'm also thinking of buying one of their jellycat items because I'm sure my youngest daughter would love to have it. And if only we still have a baby in the family, I would love to buy one of the barefoot dreams items that the store offers. These are just simply adorable! And although I don't have a baby anymore, I would still love to have this for my niece. The store's appaman line is also one of the reasons why I fell in love with it. What's more? the store offers free shipping for orders above $65, perfect for early Christmas shopping, don't you agree?