No cable? No problem

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Posted by Pearl

And who said cable is the only option that you have if you want to enjoy watching movies at home? We have stopped subscribing to a local cable company due to the numerous problems that we encountered with their billing. We were complaining about the continuous charges that they made to our account despite their interrupted service. We were arguing why would we pay for the services that we did not enjoy? Although they eventually deducted it from our bill, it took three months before they finally did that.

So, nowadays, people have been choosing Direct TV and Satellite Directv over having cable services at home. For me, this is much better. Services are provided to the subscribers through satellite transmission, that's why, Direct Satellite TV is becoming increasingly popular. And just like in cable, there are also hundreds of channels available for you to choose from. In my neighborhood alone, a lot of people have already unsubscribed to cable and have since transferred to Direct Satellite TV, and they have no regrets.

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