Tips for Early Christmas Shopping Rush

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Posted by Pearl

The coming of the holidays signals the start of endless Christmas shopping. And what could be worse than finding out at the end of the year that your bank account is down to 2 digits, and your credit cards are all maxed out? So, here are seven ways with which you can spend less this season --- without having to scrimp on holiday presents for your loved ones.

Pay in cash. Because you spend only what you have on hand, logically, you can't overspend. If you're wary about carrying cash around, some ATM accounts can now be used as debit cards. Of course, using cash is not a complete guarantee that you'll cut down on spending. As far as buying is concerned: Be a planned spender. Canvass for prices and suppliers before making a purchase. If you scout for the best deals, you're sure to get better value for your money.
Buy in bulk. When you buy in bulk, or more of the same items, chances are, prices will come out cheaper per piece, or you get a bigger discount on your purchase. Scout for factories or manufacturers who can produce items in large quantities.

Give group gifts. When summed, individual gifts can cost a lot. For your kids' teachers in school, you can give a box of pastries, or other sweets.

Look out for sales and special promos. Sales and promotional offers are temporary, so shoppers should take advantage of them. Make sure, though, that what the store offers are not old stocks or the last remaining pieces.

Give gift certificates. If you only have a small budget for your godchildren, but can't find a suitable toy worth that amount, don't sweat it. Most department stores sell gift cads or gift certificates.

Do online shopping. You can just click away at stuff you like, so it's very convenient. But, it can either tempt you to splurge or make you stick to your budget. Be disciplined in making purchases. When doing your shopping online, do it early. And also, don't trust easily. Watch out for scammers.

Take advantage of points. Some credit cards allow its cardholders to earn points. They don't expire, so you can take your time deciding which among the items featured in the catalog you want to exchange them for.