Online Tutorial for your Kids

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Posted by Pearl

Being a working mom can be a challenge especially if you still have kids that you need to assist in doing school homework. And with the difficult lessons conducted nowadays, most of the times, I really find it hard to keep up. Two of my kids are in high school and college, and I really find it difficult to tutor them myself, because I would have to read their books if I want to be an effective parent-tutor, and again being a working mom, it's really difficult if not next to impossible. Those math problems are really sometimes beyond me, and I think most especially math word problems and Algebra word problems. Most of the times I pass them on to their dad, who I must admit, is much better in finding and giving the math answers to the kids.

But then, this got me thinking, I could help my kids even more if I get them really good tutors, but of course, this could mean extra expenses for the family. But if I weigh the benefits of having tutors, I think it would be all worth it. Next thing that we considered was deciding on whether to find tutors in school or try online tutoring, after all, math help, specifically Algebra help is really hard to come by, and I was worried that my kids wouldn't get much help if I will just hire tutors from school. So I searched and found Tutorvista, which is a leading online tutoring company in the world. Their rate is very reasonable because it's unlimited tutorial for Math, English, and Science, and I'm sure I wouldn't get this same deal if I hire a tutor from my kids' school. So, right now, listed in the agenda for our next family meeting would be the signing up for this online tutorial for the kids.