Do You Want a Really Fast Internet Connection?

Saturday, September 6, 2008
Posted by Pearl

Ever since we have decided to be a one-income household, we have come to rely so much on the internet for some online opportunities to help augment our income. I have set-up an online store where I showcase some products that I made myself, but sometimes, our internet connection at home is very unreliable that it’s so frustrating when I try to upload photos of my items to my website because it really takes forever before I finish uploading. There are times when I’m trying to search for some ideas for a business when suddenly I get a notice that I have a limited connection thus, I cannot access the internet. Whenever it happens, I have to call the customer service of my internet service provider, and most of the time, it takes forever before I can get through their hotline, and if I’m lucky and I was able to get hold of a customer service representative, they are not knowledgeable enough to assist me in answering my queries and reconnecting my internet connection. I would end up waiting for days for their repair man to come to my house and fix the connection.

Another problem that having an unreliable internet connection creates is when you have kids. Mine are already in secondary school, so, a fast internet connection is a must because they have lots of research and projects that need to be done. I receive complaints from my kids that our internet connection is very slow especially if they need to download some graphics and files. So, I thought to myself, it wouldn’t hurt to look for a solution to this problem. So, I searched the Internet and found out about Hughesnet
which is high-speed internet solution that does not rely on telephone lines, but rather, it’s a satellite internet that uses advanced two-way satellite technology. This really picked my curiosity especially when I read the explanation on how it is going to work. A satellite dish will be mounted on the roof of our house, and this will send and receive information over the internet to be delivered to our computer. Looks interesting, right? It’s really different from my existing internet connection. It’s also interesting to note that that Hughes Net is very transparent when it comes to the limitations of the service that they provide because they’ve outlined in their website the programs that they do not recommend when you are using their service, so, for me, it’s a plus point for them because it shows that they’re being honest to their clients that there’s no such thing as a 100% perfect service.

The company offers several plans and packages for home use and also for those who want to set up a business, so Get Hughes Net now and grab the chance of having a very fast, reliable, and always on, internet connection at home! I’m sure my kids will be very excited when I share this good news with them!