A Business of Our Own

Saturday, September 13, 2008
Posted by Pearl

My husband and I are planning to put up a business at home to augment our income.We have some savings that we plan to use for this business, and I can also get a salary loan from my office. He has been in the corporate giveaways business for almost three years already but since we didn’t have enough capital for it, we can’t do it on a whole year round basis, we just concentrate on it during the months starting August when corporate orders come pouring in. But now, we wanted to really focus on it by adding more to our portfolio of clients through networking and marketing, and we also want to integrate the other business that we have in mind, that is, party needs like personalized invites, tables and chairs, loot bags, and others. We have prepared a business plan already and we have done our market study for the party needs business, and we know that this is really a very promising business, especially in our area since there’s only a few party needs business that offer personalized invitations.

Since we are planning to get more corporate accounts, we realized that our business should be more presentable, so, we have included in our budget the setting up of a home office. Right now, we already have plans of converting a part of our garage into an office and we have already sketched a layout. We are also choosing the office furniture that we will put in our home office. Office chairs of course are a must, as well as office desks, what we are just trying to find out is how many pieces do we need so that we can maximize the space that is available to us. Hopefully, we will be able to finalize the layout by the 3rd week of September so that the construction can start immediately.

Right now, we are busy with this project, most especially my husband. I’m helping him out with the compilation of the brochures and samples that he will present to prospective clients. I’m busy doing the layouts and templates for the personalized invitations as well as setting up the online store that will showcase our products. We also have plans of doing personalized party giveaways, as well as wedding souvenirs, but for now, we’re just concentrating first on the corporate giveaways and the personalized invitations. Hopefully by early next year, we can start to add more products to this business. We are so excited with this venture and we know that our hard work will pay off, we just need to be patient and persevering.


Julie said...

Good luck with the business venture. I work in marketing and enjoy the giveaway side. I'm sure you will be busy since this is the season for corporate orders.

Thank you for running my entrecard ad today.