make your home bug-free the natural way

Sunday, November 2, 2008
Posted by Pearl

How many times have you used insecticides to get rid of those irritating insects that have somehow found a way to your home?

And how many times have you been frustrated because they don't seem to be working and the insects look like they're just ignoring these harmful insecticides and repellents?

Below are some home remedies which you might find useful. These will really save you a lot of money and will surely make your home-free insecticide-free.

I got these tips from Prevention Magazine (Oct 2000 issue).

Basil and Bay Leaves. Not just for culinary and medicinal use, they are also effective in warding off insects. Just burn sprigs of basil on barbecue grill to repel mosquitoes. Likewise, a bunch of basil hung over the kitchen window can deter flies.

To repel cockroaches, place bay leaves in corners and dark crannies - under sinks, for instance - and the pests won't return. Place a few leaves in drawers and on bookcases to prevent silverfish damage to books or clothing. (These leaves can be bought at supermarkets --- or you can plant your own).

Citrosa Plant. Put this plant, which has a citrus smell that repels mosquitoes, inside and outside your house. It's a nice ornament for the house too.

ased candles. Light one candle and place it near entrances or in places high enough so children can't reach them.

Citronella-based soap
. Make sure that it contains no harmful chemicals and is also ideal for use even
for young children and babies.

Citronella oil. Mix citronella oil with water and put them in a diffuser or burner. This will emit a citrus smell everybody, except the mosquitoes, will love. You can also try mixing one ounce citronella oil and a few drops of baby oil or vegetable oil. Apply to skin before going outside.

Orange or lemon peel. Pour 2 cups of boiling water over peelings of one orange. Let this steep for 24 hours. Strain the mixture into a glass jar and toss the peels into the compost. Use this liquid as a spray mixing in a few drops of castille soap on ants and their nests. Smells nice too! You can also put some lemon peel inside your sugar-bowl to stop the ants from coming in.

Plaster of Paris and oatmeal. They make an effective cockroach killer, when you mix equal parts and sprinkle on roach trails.

Sugar and baking soda. To go after roaches, mix 50/50 granulated sugar and baking soda and place it in the path of these pests. Roaches have an acid stomach, so they can't resist sugar - and the baking soda mixes with the acid in their stomachs.

Talcum powder or chalk dust. To keep ants from entering the house or anywhere else, sprinkle baby powder or any talcum powder on entry points. The ants won't cross this boundary, and the powder is safe around pests and babies. You can also try chalk dust instead of the powder.

Red ground pepper and curry. Prevent black ants from invading your house by putting some of the mixture at the source of their entrance.