List Down Everything

Wednesday, June 6, 2007
Posted by Pearl

The first thing that i did when the reality of belonging in a one-income family sets in, was to list down everything that I buy everyday.

To be honest, i've tried doing this a lot times in the past, but probably, because there was not much motivation, i didn't follow through.

You can purchase a cheap small notebook to list down all your expenses for the day. Do this for at least one month to see where your money is going. You will be surprised that a little something of this and that, will really add up at the end of the month.

In my case, the everyday purchases in my household are what's taking most of my budget on food. But i wasn't fully aware of this until i've listed down everything. The after-dinner dessert, like the candies that we purchase from the nearby store, also adds up.

I'm also used to bringing food for my kids whenever I came home from work, and again, this adds up. At the end of that first month, I was shocked to find out the total amount that went to unnecessary expenses.