Tuesday, June 5, 2007
Posted by Pearl

Shifting from a two-income family into a one-income family takes a lot of adjustments and sacrifices, more so, if there are kids involved. A lot of things should be considered, like, the areas in which the family has gotten used to. Being used to receiving two paychecks, there would be a change in the list of priorities once the one-income status becomes a reality.

I belong to a one-income family, although not by choice -- my husband couldn't get a permanent job after he resigned from his previous job -- slowly, we are getting used to it. But, as i have said, there were lots of adjustments, and we had to give up a lot "luxuries".

Add to this is the financial status that we are in right now. We are currently way over our heads in trying to pay off debts. We are really tightening our belts just to keep up with the rising costs of commodities, the bills that need to be paid, the demands of having to support three kids.

I decided to create this website to share all my experience and the lessons my family learned, the steps that we are taking, and the bright future that we are anticipating.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I stumbled across this page by accident, while looking for info about one income living. Just thought you'd like to know that not all one-income families fit into the "staying home with the kids" category. My husband will be quitting his job in April to pursue being a full time musician. Sometimes you have to think outside the box ;-)