A Future Doctor in the Family

Thursday, January 6, 2011
Posted by Pearl

My son is taking pre-med course and just recently, he informed me that he is excited to wear medical uniforms during the next semester.  He said at last he won’t be wearing his old uniforms anymore which have turned gray/white over the two years that he has been wearing them, in fact, this has been a never-ending concern in our household, but then again, of course, this should be expected because his uniforms have been serving him for quite a long time already.

He has been consistent in his dream of becoming a doctor someday. Ever since he was still in grade school, his dream did not change, and now, he hasn't gone astray, everything that he does is still focused towards that dream.  Just as he is excited to be a future doctor, he admitted that part of it is the feeling of pride whenever he anticipates the thought of wearing his own doctor uniform someday, and maybe a few years from now, that will become a reality. We just keep on reminding him to remain focused in all the things that he does, and we assured him that everything will fall into place.  It’s a good thing that right now, I can see that he is really dedicated to his studies, and he really studies hard.  He is also responsible enough to make sure that his lab coat uniforms are washed and pressed every time he needs to use them.  His dad has instilled this in his mind that he should be responsible for his own things, and he should make sure that everything is clean before he use them, because that’s part of his training as a future doctor.  

I hope he sustains his focus in his studies, because I’m also excited to have a doctor in the family.


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