Step by step guide to cleaning electric fans

Thursday, June 25, 2009
Posted by Pearl

Below are easy-to-follow steps in cleaning your electric fans:

(1) Unplug the fan from the power socket.
(2) Remove the screws or brackets of the fan grill. Take off the grill and wash in warm, soapy water. Set aside to dry.
(3) Wash the cage and blades with warm water and a soft brush, if needed.
(4) Do not ever immerse the motor in water. Let the fan parts dry before
putting it back together.

If the grill/blade is made of stainless steel:

(1) Wipe with a dry cloth or clean with your hair dryer or vacuum cleaner.
(2) If using a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner, blow "backwards" (the opposite direction that the air normally blows) through the grill/blade and thoroughly remove the dust, lint, and debris that may have accumulated on it.
(3) Wipe it using a cloth with a drop of oil, to prevent from rusting